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Getting You Ready To Be Ready

Your Divorce Is



Now What?


What do YOU want to be ready for?

  • To buy your own house
  • To lose weight
  • To get back in shape
  • To go back to school
  • To be a successful single parent
  • To get a new job
  • To be on your own
  • To begin dating
  • To regain your self-confidence
  • To make new friends
  • To stop addictive avoidance behaviors
  • To pursue a new interest or hobby 
  • To go on a vacation
  • To be the True You

What Are The Steps To Your New Life?



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Are you ready to leave the shadow of your divorce and stand strong in who you are?



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Buy a house? Go back to school? Get a new job?

The sky is the limit! YOU get to choose where you want your life to go!



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Are You Ready ...

For What Is Next In Your Life? 


​"I’ve been consulting for close to 25 years. I’d like to think I’ve got it together as I spend a great deal of time helping others with their businesses, finances, teams, etc. I’ve been blessed to have a successful career and am very fulfilled in what I do. When I had an opportunity to see what Tracy does, I was blown away. It has been an experience that I didn’t think I needed or needed help with. Wow, was I wrong! In working with her one on one and in teams, I’ve been able to uncover more tools and understanding of myself in how I think, act, respond, feel and be … it’s almost like I’ve unlocked the last level of consciousness! Thank you, Tracy!"

                                                                                                                             -Shane S.

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What Do You Want To Be Ready For?


SE Coaching will provide the tools you need to move forward in your life after your divorce, no matter what you want to be ready for.

  • To Be On Your Own Again

    Life after divorce can be scary. After all, all the daily things that used to be done by two now fall directly in your lap ... and your lap only. Time suddenly becomes your nemesis as you struggle to find, establish, and maintain a new balancing act between work and home. SE Coaching can help you wade through, not only the emotional toll of being on your own, but the logistics of establishing that new routine. 

  • To Regain Your Self Confidence

    Self confidence can take a major hit during a divorce. How did all of this happen? How are you to put it all behind you and move forward confidently into your future when you're feeling vulnerable and scared? SE Coaching will help you regain your self-confidence and realize that although divorce happened to you ... it DOES NOT define who you are!

  • To Be Financially Secure

    Perhaps the biggest concern when you are considering a divorce, or are newly divorced, is how you will make it financially. SE Coaching IS NOT a financial expert, but we help you with the emotional and logistical skills to become financially savvy and make the right decisions for you and your family.


Equine Assisted Coaching

Getting You Ready To Be Ready ...

for your next thing in life.

"A tremendous amount of information can be taken from the actions of a horse during an equine assisted coaching session. I have had clients realize they are asking too much of their children, not connecting with their co-workers at work, and even that it's time to leave an abusive relationship. I've seen horse coaches connect with people experiencing tremendous grief ... giving them permission to acknowledge and feel their emotions, and I've seen horse coaches play with clients that felt they had lost their joy in life."

- Tracy



Choose Your Best Option

Private, Group, Hands-on Weekend Workshops with Horses

(Private and Group Options also offered remotely via phone or video)

Private Coaching


During your private coaching sessions, we will dig deep as we discover what you want to be ready for as you heal from the trauma of your divorce.


We will help identify fears and blocks you may be experiencing around money, relationships, spiritual beliefs, career, education, and emotional health ... and then guide you as you overcome these hurdles on your readiness journey.


Private coaching can be experienced either in-person with Tracy and the horses, or virtually via phone or video with Tracy.

Group Coaching


Group coaching provides, not only support from your coach, but also from that of your fellow participants as you discover what you want to be ready for as you heal from the trauma of your divorce.


The group will work together through common issues surrounding money, relationships, spiritual beliefs, career, education, and emotional health. You will also be provided the opportunity for coaching on your individual needs during our sessions if you desire.


Group sessions can be either in person or virtually via video (phone # will be provided).

Horse Workshops


Weekend horse workshops are currently offered once a month May-October. The workshops begin Saturday morning and are generally done by 4 pm MDT on Sunday. They take place on a beautiful working ranch nestled against the foothills of Northern Colorado.


We do a deep dive into understanding why we have communication errors in our relationships,  why we experience the fear of not being "enough", how nonverbal communication plays a leading role in our relationships, and the difference between unintentional and intentional emotional loops.

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